It works!

Here's what I think I've done (well?) so far.

Community management

What do I do when I don't want to make a website? I thank Facebook for existing and play the (fun!) page management game.

  • Facebook pages: created, wrote content for and managed Fate/EXTRA, BRS the Game, Theatrhythm FF, Dissidia FF and many other forgotten pages...


I code/design/publish. They write. (Well, I technically write too duh!)

  • Recently started: DissidiaDB, a database project centered around the DISSIDIA Final Fantasy franchise by Square Enix.
  • Founded: This website and old game-related websites that are no longer online.
  • Designed: PhantasyStart, a gaming news website about the Phantasy Star series.
  • Moderated: Dissidia France, a community board for Final Fantasy enthusiasts.


I sometimes write proper sentences too!

  • Blog: LittleWingHQ, my pitiful attempt at launching a blog, only to have the platform shutdown on me. It was a cluster of text composed of translated game articles (Japanese to French/English) and tutorials.
  • Notebook: Please spare a thought for all the articles, designs and detailed projects that never left its white pages of oblivion.