I'm Groot!

Greetings unknown guest!

If you're reading these lines, it means that I've successfully sparked your curiosity. Human or bot doesn't matter all that much here, thank you for making it to my modest introduction. If you're indeed a robot, then crawl as you see fit! I would be delighted if you could remember me and not send my contact address to Nigerian princes.

Groot is, as you've guessed, not my first name. Forgive me if you're sick of that joke, it never fails to amuse me. Saad is my real first name. It is a name of Arabic origin that evokes, not sorrow, but true happiness. I'm forever indebted to my parents for granting me the everlasting goal of mankind as a name.

Now, I say that but I'm quite the introvert in truth, which makes it tricky for me to spread happiness as much as I want. As a dreamer, I also tend to forget myself in fantasies. Still, I'm very proud of my ability to come up with ideas to make the world a better place (I had to put that somewhere, hehe!). I usually need a lot of support to get out of my comfort zone and try out those ideas. For always supporting me and dragging me outside, when I'd prefer hugging my bed, I can only thank my family and friends. Heck, this website wouldn't have seen the light of day without their nag- support! And while I do enjoy solitude, helping my fellow comrades is what drives me to keep walking, no matter the obstacles. I may stumble, get sad, spend a stupid amount of time grieving but I always get up to seek my happiness.

What could I possibly say about my daily life? I write for a living... Woah! Come back, it's true! It's just that instead of writing proper sentences, I write dumb instructions, that just keep piling up to form a cluster of complexity. I then turn that nonsense into a proper and readable media. All thanks to our savior CSS, and that coffee-drunk scripting mess we call JavaScript. In other words, I make websites and web applications for a living. My goal is to keep progressing and eventually join the ranks of the great developers that keep pushing the limits of the cyberspace.

To reach that great goal, I make use of my insatiable appetite for learning. I'm blessed to live in an era of free education material. There is so much to learn, that I sometimes regret any time spent on unfulfilling activities. While I consider leisure a necessity and a blessing in itself, I try to rouse the me that seeks to improve whenever possible. Self-education is great and hardly limited, but I also welcome opportunities to learn from scholars and anyone kind enough to share their wisdom. I'd like to keep that mindset and work towards my other goal of publishing more personal projects, in order to boost my confidence.

That's all folks! I daresay whoever reads this knows more about me than the average acquaintance. Feel free to send me a message through social networks if you wish to meet or talk!

Have a great day!